Jana Pullman, book artist, binder and conservator, lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been involved in the book arts since 1983. She received her initial training in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison working with Walter Hamady and Jim Dast and at the University of Iowa working with Kim Merker, Bill Anthony and Tim Barrett.

After receiving her M.F.A in 1988, she supervised the Repair Unit for the General Collection at the Marriott Library at the University of Utah, focusing on conservation work. After four years working at the Library, she returned to Iowa again to work with Tim Barrett as the Apprentice/Manager at the University of Iowa Oakdale Paper Facility.

At Oakdale, Jana made handmade papers tailored for book and paper conservation and helped with the ongoing research there. When her contract at Iowa ended in 1997, she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is an instructor at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and teaches workshops throughout the country.

I have a blog where I show the steps involved in making design bindings, boxes, repair projects and other parts of the book arts: About the Binding. The latest posts are linked below.

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When I make new covers for books I am inspired by modern and historical designs