Boxes can be custom made in a wide range of sizes and different styles. There are also varieties of closures that can be used to secure the box or as a visual enhancement. These boxes can be covered in cloth or leather as well as quarter bound with marbled or handmade papers. A printed paper label is included in the cost of the box. For an additional cost, the label can be gold stamped on paper, cloth or leather.

The slipcase is a simpler type of box with an open front that leaves the spine of the book visible while protecting the edges from dust and sunlight. It can be made with cloth, paper, leather or a combination of materials.

The drop spine, clamshell box is a more secure construction enclosing the book or loose material in a double tray design. Its construction allows the box to remain closed on its own. It opens like a book and can be designed to mimic the look of an actual book. The spine can be a simple flat design with a label.